Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna momentum

This is fifth day of Anna's fast.

Anna momentum surges ahead. The supporters swell further. Not only in Delhi, but across all cities. Unprecedented, say the TV channels. The govt has started playing diversionary tactics. Manmohan Singh, for example, states that he's also in favour of a strong Lokpal Bill, but it should be on a political consensus, and that it needs time to pass such a bill. Chidambaram-Kapil-Pranab trio has slipped out from the scene.

Aruna Roy, the well-known social activist, seems to be playing a dubious role. How can she say,"Anna is ill-advised"?

I'm glad the movement is spreading everyday like wild fire. But how long can it hold this momentum? With time, it must diminish in strength. Will it fizzle out before it gets at its goal? The govt is no doubt waiting for that opportune moment.


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