Sunday, April 28, 2013

After the Saradha scam

These days I'm trying to understand the post-Saradha-scam stratosphere in West Bengal. The scam, to the tune of twenty thousand crores, has left millions of people, in rural areas specially, battered and wretched in an unprecedented way.

Sudipta Sen is the man responsible for the mess, but this massive scam is a gigantic feat, and is only possible with people in power. Who is going to believe in Mamata Banerjee's  explanation that she didn't know anything about the activities of the group?

The fact is, she and her party actively patronized Sudipta Sen. Still fresh in our memory, she recommended the group's two daily newspapers for  the state's public libraries. She was seen in numerous occasions promoting Saradha's stuff.

She might have a personal reason. Sudipta Sen would buy her pictures. Most recently, he got to buy one of her artwork with a whopping one crore and eighty six lac rupees.

It's now confirmed that Sudipta Sen funded her party in the last Assembly election and helped it win the power. No wonder the conman wanted his return by duping lacs of depositors with connivance of its leaders and party men.

Mamata's on back foot. She loses her credibility. Pity it occurred so soon - in barely two years.

This may be the beginning of her fall..

But the thing that emerges in the din is the devaluation of money in people's perception. Being a crorepati is no big deal now. You find ordinary people talking money in terms of crores, not in lacs, these days.


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