Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Salman goes to jail!

Amused and a little surprised by Salman Khan being sentenced to jail for five years in the hit-and-run case. It seems like something hard to believe. But things like this happen, I know, Judgement from the court, I mean.

I found it hugely interesting when I read in the newspaper about a person claiming that he, not Salman, was at the driver's shit on that night, and whatever shit happened that night, he owed responsibility for that. It was of course the last desperate attempt to save Salman, the hunk hero, behind whom the entire Bollywood and a part of the powers-that-be stood by with their clout and resources. Sometime  before the last LokSabha election, Salman, as far as I remember, joined the BJP bandwagon to actively help Narendra Modi  in his victory. But this also doesn't work.

 It's interesting again that none is celebrating over the judgement, not even the victims (they would like more compensation instead). Rather there is a gloom in the media and elsewhere, which goes to validate my pet theory that things around us are going shit everyday.

But I liked the moment when Justice Deshpande announced: it's you who was driving that night. It was the moment of reckoning, and who would challenge the truth? There must have been a stunned silence at the courtroom at that moment.

Thank you, Justice Deshpande, for your intrepid verdict. You'r my world. I adore you.


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