Friday, November 14, 2014

Nitish Kumar combats Narendra Modi, and how solidly

Politicians have always been a problem with me: I can't just put up with their rhetoric, their false promises and their inconsistencies. They most often outrage you, but you have no way to respond to them because they are fiercely powerful and vindictive.

Well, Nitish Kumar, himself a politician, has a way, He is now conducting public meetings in Bihar with CDs of Narendra Modi's pre-election speech. In between his speech, he lets people hear what Mr Modi told just months ago and what he's doing anything in that direction. Nitish illustrates this with concrete examples. Like,"Mr Modi promised he would bring all black money from abroad within 100 days of his being in power. It has already been more than 150 days. Has he kept his promise?"

We all know Modi's government is now playing around with the issue, Though it has bagged a list of people who stashed away black money abroad, it's not really interested in making the list public.

I like Nitish's way of exposing someone so powerful as Narendra Modi. His approach is solid and down-to-earth, and I hope it will work and be followed by others.


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