Friday, August 22, 2014

Sardha Scam show is no ordinary thriller

A top dog of a well-known football club managing the SEBI and RBI problems up there  and a top ex-police officer sorting out the issues down here with the aam admi investors: this is cheat fund business as we know now, thanks to Sardha scam that is unfolding each day as the CBI sleuths dig in.

The scam has gripped my attention for quite a while. I enjoy it like a thriller, reading it in papers, watching it on TV, and finding myself thinking about its width and implications. I try to understand the scam in the context of our polity and economy. No simple thing this: it's a criminal web connecting a whole lot of things - politics, administration, police, business persons, well-known names, you name it. Once we had faith, a bit of it at least,  in all of these things.  

Sudipta Sen was a criminal genius. No doubt about it. But what do you think about Debabrat Sarkar, Rajat Majumdar, and soon-to-be found-out others who actively helped in swindling crores of money from the investors? What do you think about Aparna Sen, the actor-film director, who worked as editor of a Sardha-funded glossy journal and as  CEO of a media training centre that never came into being? Her excuse that she didn't know it was a cheat fund project is at best funny. Of course, she knew all, but her seven-lakh monthly salary was more important than anything else. And like many, she never thought she would be caught.

The interesting thing is, Sudipta Sen has failed to digest the money, his money has flown to Rajat/Debabrata to politicians/Sebi RBI officers/ celebrities/businessmen, who face the same problem of digesting it.

It reads like a China Mieville thriller.


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