Saturday, June 20, 2015


Racing has not stopped in Kolkata. Dr A Chakrabarty told us while we were moving in a car by the side of the race ground. It’s still here, but once a month or so.

I read somewhere that racing had been banned. Is it in Mumbai or somewhere? Anyway, Kolkata’s racing horces are still running.

In a similar way, anatomy dissection, which somebody told me has stopped, is still there. Dr Mondal, an assistant professor of medicine, Sagar Dutta Medical college, confirmed me his medical students were practising it in their classes. They import the body from R G KAR Medical college or somewhere.

Of course I’m ignorant and  not savvy enough these days.

Ashamed to admit that I didn’t know early morning urine is best for detection of albumin. The British speaker at Taj Bengal auditorium further enlightened me by saying that  the patient must not take any protein-rich diet for three days, must not suffer from any infection or fever before his urine is taken for examination.

It’s the most inexpensive test for albumin, he said(The British still cares about patients’ expenses).

RN Tagore Hospital charges 50,000 rupees each day if your patient is on ventilation. Apollo takes 70,000 rupees for the same thing.

Dr Chakrabarty said, “Mamata should close these hospitals, if she wants to keep her mark in health-care.”


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