Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lotus blooms in Bengal

I must admit I react ambiguously to BJP's victory in Basirhat South by-election. While I'm happy that it defeats TMC -  which put in all of its resources and muscle power to win the seat-thus giving a blow to Mamata Banerjee and her corrupt regime, I can't entirely accept that the lotus blooms here in Bengal.

Judging by the political environs right now, this debut will snowball across the state, and in the absence of a real people's party (the so-called Marxists have done extremely badly in both the by-elections), is going to occupy the centre-stage anyway.

An extreme right-wing party seems to be the destiny of the state.

 It has always happened to every state or country where the leftists misruled and went out of power.

I don't see any chance of the leftists -real or fake or whatever kind - returning to power in Bengal any time soon.


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