Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna aesthetics

Sixth day of Anna Hazare movement.

Crowds swell even more. Tens of thousands of people throng Ramlila Maidan and elsewhere.

Team Anna makes the first move for dialogue with the govt, based on PM's statement yesterday that there is scope for give and take. But the govt seems inflexible, and does not respond to Team Anna's gesture.

It has been a peaceful movement so far. Not the slightest sign of any anarchy or violence anywhere any time. The huge swathe of Anna supporters show a remarkable discipline and patience during these six days.

"Pass the Jan Lokepal Bill or leave," Anna has said today. This might provoke the crowd, and the movement could shed its non-violence character anytime.

Is the govt waiting for the Anna supporters to explode?

I'm afraid things would get worse in coming days.


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