Sunday, February 05, 2012

Can Taslima return to Kolkata?

Taslima Nasreen, the controversial Bengali author, has always wanted to come back to Kolkata. The Left Front government then headed by Budhadev Bhttacharya threw her out  way back in 2008. With the change in regime, she became more hopeful. But as things stand, her chance of returning to live in the city gets slimmer each day. In today's interview with the Hindustan times, (sorry no link available), she says:

"But now I see that Didi, too, does not want me in Kolkata. Many pro-Mamata intellectuals had assured me once that I could be back in Kolkata once she came to power.The silence of those who had earlier led a number of 'Bring back Taslima' campaigns during the Left Front regime has been all the more astonishing and enriching! I don't yet think that they have started disliking me but I don't understand why they did not raise their voices this time."


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