Monday, August 29, 2011

Amitav Ghosh on Anna Hazare movement

"In India, the events of the last couple of years have unmasked, as never before, our own 'deep state'. As scandal after scandal has unfolded, it has become evident that the collusion between politicians, corporations and the media, is of a staggering magnitude, and that it operates on a scale that far exceeds anything that most could imagine. Indeed, it has become apparent that the locus of power in the country has largely shifted from New Delhi to corporate towers of Mumbai; it is apparent also that the political class is unable to rectify this.

Something clearly had to be done: it was clear also that the formal institutios of our democracy were not going to do it. The movement that has filled the gap offers cause for both hope and misgivings. In its insistence on bringing political processes in the open, it is trying to restore of the content that has leached out of governance in India. In failing to address the role of the pivate sector in corruption it is itself ignoring the elephants in the room. What is undeniable is tht its development is a development of enormous significance."

Courtesy: The Hindustan Times, August 29, 2011


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