Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's mystery all over around vit D

Vit D is the new craze in medical science today. Most pharmaceutical companies are now out for making a killing out of this trend. You would now see a plethora of seminar or CMEs being held at big city hotels organised by different companies, where the eminent doctors speak to their listening colleagues on the benifits of vit D.

Nothing wrong with it, apparently. But I was surprised when yesterday at such a seminar at HHI, Kolkata, a lady speaker claimed that every Indian - herself included - today suffers from vit D deficiency. Such a sweeping claim unsupported by any worthy data evoked no critical response from the audience. I felt like blurting out, but in such a formidable milieu, I could not summon up the courage.

Not so long ago, I remembered, in another seminar organized by yet another company at a differnt five-star, two eminent endocrinologists concluded that there is not enough data to prove that Indians are suffering from vit D deficiency that much because it's the land of sunshine and Indians still get a lot of expose to sun, the main source of vit D.

The speakers of yesterday's seminar - among them the legendary M.S.Ghosh - trotted out a quite opposite line. In fact, they advocated to the doctors that all patients should be given vit D irrespective of age or ailment.

The doctors had visibly bought the speakers' mandate before they turned to cocktail dinner.

It's mystery all over around vit D. What's the truth, I wonder.


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