Monday, December 15, 2003

History's Wrong Hero

He was hiding in a rat's hole for life and did not resist any way when he was dug out and caught like a rat.

So this is the fate of a hero who always behaved like a lion, and had for as many as thirty four years ruled his people by death.

Perhaps he was next to Hitler and Stalin in killing millions of his own countrymen, and knew death only too well. But he was himself scared of death, and was ready to accept any kind of ingominy to save his own life. What an irony!

But has he got any chance of survival? Despite the human right group's demand for fair trial, and UNO chief's apparent empathy for the deposed dictator, Saddam Hussein is in all possibility going to be hanged.

Hitler commited suicide. Stalin was poisoned and killed by his own intelligence chief. Saddam's end could not be better, only it would be more ignominious.

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