Thursday, April 08, 2004


The 32-year old, fourh generaration scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family has recently been inducted tnto active politics. He's in fact contesting the Amethi Lok Sabha seat on a Con(I) ticket this year.

Now, politics being the trade of the country's most-talked-about family, Rahul's joining politics is hardly any news. But our media views it as a big event, and covers it in a special way as if it's the coronation of the heir apparent or the next big leader of the country.

Rahul looks like the weakest scion of the family so far. He has neither the brilliance of his great-grandfather nor the shrewdness of his grandmother; besides, he is lacking in sound education and oratory skill. In most respects, he's very much like his own parents, only less presentable.

His passions include fast cars and pistol-shooting.

But his dynastic connection overshadows all his disqualifications. Don't get surprised if he gets elected the leader of the party someday and aspires for the primeministership of the country.

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