Thursday, May 13, 2004


It must be a great moment for Indian democracy. The people this time had a wonderful mandate against the powers-that-be: it has worked steadfastly across the country to throw out the regime run by a bunch of self-seeking, laptop-savvy crooks. It is really one such moment when you feel like believing in the power of the silent masses.

But this was really what nobody had even imagined. Take our media people or even smarter psephologists who are supposed to be in direct contact with the people. All of them predicted a clear edge, if not absolute majority,of the NDA alliance. The NDA alliance comes second, getting seats far below the 200-mark. Now, what do you think of the quailty of our media persons or psephologists? These are another bunch of smart-alecs with little thinking power or prescience. Stop reading papers if you can. And never believe an exit poll.

So the Congress has once again emerged as the biggest political party,
though on an anti-incumbency vote. Now the Congress will form the government with help from the Marxists who have gained in strength(about sixty seats). But who'll be the Prime Minister this time? Though Mrs. Sonia Gandhi publicly says she does nor hanker after the primeministership, she will prove to the biggest deterrant to some one else, like Monomohon Singh, being the Prime Minister.And in the end, given her large circle of sychophants and Ganndhi-family link, she will in all probablity head the new regime.

But is she capable of running such a large and complex country as India? Has she got the requisite qualification? Has she got the minimum education, knowledge, insight and wisdom to be at the helm of a country?

She as Prime Minister will sure be a liabilty for the country. And it may herald another bad spell for the democracy.

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