Friday, May 21, 2004


If you're lucky to get any editor or agent to read your work, the one thing you can expect from him or her is a short rejection letter couched in cliched language ( "not right for me" etc). These people usually disconnect after that,and would never give you any response even if you ask them any sensible question.

But Sam Humphreys, editor Picador India, seems to be a bit different. In response to my formal "thanks for reading my work", he sends me a personal and insightful e-mail.

"I imagine it's of little consolation, but I think the response you've met with is caused by the current publishing climate --which makes it increasingly difficult to take on new writers and be sure of establishing a place for them in the market --rather than any lack of flair or talent in terms of your writing. You may well be right that small publishing houses are likely to be the most receptive, and I
hope you succeed in finding a home for THE DANGLING MAN."

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