Friday, November 05, 2004


So, George W. Bush stays on in the Oval office, despite predictions and expectations to the contrary. But this time he has to rule over a sharply divided US and the world.

No doubt Bush is manifold empowered this time, but this time he will be under a scanner from people of his own country as well as those of the world.

But would this make any difference to his ways? Would he mend his practices particularly in his foreign policy? One's specially concerned about his strategy of pre-emptive strikes on countries, which he considers to be a threat in his warped imagination.

Osama and his ilk must have been glad and reassured over Bush's victory. Sure enough,they didn't want the face of their enemy to be changed. What looms now is a renewed and fiercer war between the two sides with inevitable ramifications.

Like Bush, terrorism also gets a fresh lease of life at this juncture of history.

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