Friday, March 11, 2005


Indian democracy is ailing and in grave condition now. As if to save its disgraceful death, the Supreme Court, India's highest judiciary, now directs the Jharkand Governor to hold majority floor test on 11th in stead of stipulated 15th.

The Sonia Gandhi government takes exception to this order, and raises questions about the jurisdiction of the court. One is surprised by Lok Sabha speaker's criticism of the court. But this is how the powers-that-be behave when it is not co-opted by the judiciary.

The governor, however, organised the test in accordance with the court's order. But it proves to be another excercise in flouting the order in a calculated manner. The legislators, surely of the Shibu Soren camp, created ruckus every time the speaker stared on its agenda, and an adjounament followed. After three adjounments, the speaker fixed the test on the 15th in an open vindication of the governor's earlier decision.

But the scenario takes an unexpected twist in late evening. Shibu Soren submits resignation as chief minister to Governor, and his opponent is being called to prove his majority.

Of course at the behest of who else but madam Sonia. But democracy is already mauled, and this is no redemption.

Can you discern that the history is now repeating itself?

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