Friday, April 15, 2005


It's the first day of the new Bengali year 1412. Although few Bengalis really care about this calender - more so in these days of globalisation - they would celebrate it anyway if only as a statement of their identity on the world map.

Each and every Bengali channel - there are so many nowadays, and the list is growing each day - comes up with its fare comprising of familiar faces from the world of Bengali music, film and even literature. Not that all these programmes are good, but they are somehow watchable because of their presentation, sanctimonious though, of Bengali culture which had once upon a time a distinct quality.

Like everything, the Bengali culture is also in the process of being cannibalised by globalisation these days. Today, it's difficult to distinguish Bengalis from other communities. Bengalis are no longer proud of its rich and clourful tradition.

It's just on this day that they like to call themselves Bengali.


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