Monday, September 12, 2005


A ransacked house, its huge solid gate broken, members in shock, things scattered all over.

Handiwork of a criminal-turned-promoter. He reacts this way when the owner of the house refuses to sell the old house.

The police registers a FIR, but tampers it. It calls in the criminal concerned, but the criminal threatens the house-owner in the very presence of the police. And he's let off after an hour.

The family cowers in anticipation of further backlash.

Enters the Khonj Khabarteam at this point, and camps near the house. It's past midnight, and the posh area seems to be in deep slumber, forget its empathy for the targeted famliy.

The investigation team interviews the landlord, talks to its members, and records its experiences in police station. Then it catches the promoter who's passing by it on a motorbike. The viewers get an intrepid reporter firing off questions, and putting the criminal in a tight spot.

The reporter now enters the police station, and asks the officer why the crimal has been late off. The officer fumbles.

The next thing is to ask the top honchos of the party by which the crimainal swears.

And finally, a message from the anchor, Dibyajyoti Bose,(incidentally, the propietor of the hugely popular TV show on AKASH a Bengali channel.

And what's the message?

Something along this line: get united to fight this criminal. He may not be at your door at the moment, but mind that you're equally vulnerable as the current victim. You'll always find us stand by you.


Enters Khonj Khabar

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