Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Day 5. The squatters of Gobindapur Rail Colony, according to a Times Of India report, have set up "suicide squad" to confront the eviction army. The squad comprises of die-hard, women veterans who have seen and experienced many eviction battles before.

The report also reveals the plan of defence chalked out by the squatters' action committee.

There would be three rings of resistance on the day of eviction. The suicide brigade will form the first ring. Elderly male members and children would get together to set up the second ring. And the third ring would comprise of able-bodied members who would fight the real battle.


If you look hard at the plan, it is found wanting. First, the suicide sqad here seems to be an indigenous kind,and can't be likened to a terrorists' outfit in terms of either ruthlessness or sophistication. I have doubt if it can thwart or push back the state forces any way.

Secondly, have the squatters any sophisticated weapons to fight back the state forces?

Of course, it would be an uneven battle, and the result can be foretold. The thing to watch is how the state handles the resistance, the extent of loss and damage of human lives and property, and its repercussion on public life and polity of a so-called democratic country.

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Subhasish Roy said...

Mr. Bose,
I want to draw your attention to one more example where Govt. play double standard ;as there are many instances where a political leader do not vaccate their official bunglow even after loosing elections and, not only that they enjoy all the facilities, that was provided to them earlier comprising public money, whereas they are desperate about the people of Gobindapur colony without thinking of their rehabilitation.One more time it is clear that the so called "Marxists, " think and care more for the economically sound than the common people.


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