Sunday, January 08, 2006


Swami Ramdev, a yoga-guru, has been making waves for quite a while. Ramdev's own speciality is pranayam, a special breathing technique, with which he claims to have cured any diesease from bronchial asthma to hypertension to obesity to cancer.

His pranayam therapy has proved to be a smashing hit. His fans run into crores in India and abroad. Now he has ventured into his pharma house. And he's mixing freely human and animal bones in the medicine.

Marxist leader Brida Karat justifiably raised the question of ingredients in Ramdev's medicine after she collected some samples and had them tasted to find the bones. Surprisingly, she didn't get any leader to support her cause. Even some leaders from her own party opposed her stand, and openly stood by Ramdev.

So, what do you think of the scenario? It's a bit tricky to call Ramdev a fraud. But we can ask him two questions;

First, why did he launch his own pharmaceutical house when his pranayam was curing every disease?

Second, why did Swami Vivekanada who knew and practised all kinds of yoga -not only pranayam -die at the age of thirty nine?


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Subhasish Roy said...

Mr. Bose,
Your justification regarding yoga has nothing to do with "death of Swami Vivekanda" which is the ultimate truth. Any practice in this world couldn't prevent somebody from this destiny.
And about Ramdev ,I must say,he is just exploiting the social and mental conditions that are resulting from todays hectic lifestyle.Nowadays, due to imbalance in ecosystem, people are suffering from various mental and physical health problems, and since, in our healthcure system there is so much corruption that most people lost their faith in it , and taking yoga as its alternative.Ramdev is clever enough to recognise it. Using todays powerful mass communication media tool, the TV, he easily became the Yoga Guru.
Anyway Yoga is, was, and will be the most natural way to stay fit .

Subhasish Roy.


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