Monday, July 03, 2006


A blog by V.Ramaswamy,a friend of mine. Some time ago, finding his interest and involvement in so many things, I suggested he be a columnist. He comes up with a blog instead.

For me, Ramaswamy is quite a complex - somewhat enigmatic too - character, and though I'be known him for over a year, I still find him difficult to define.

He's a businessman. I feel he has pucca business sense. But he's a great reader, and has extensive knowledge about books and authors. His literay taste and sense are quite amazing.

He's a poet.

He's a good translator.

He's a skilled editor. He's editing my novel now. And what he sometimes suggests really makes sense.

He claims he's a social planner. I don't quite get it, and practically suspect him on this.

Every now and then he visits different universities abroad, and delivers lectures on things like poverty in India.

I've heard he sings well.

Initially I thought he suffers from lack of focus, but now I think he's eclectic in character. A rare quality at this time.

But above all, he's a hugely experienced guy.

Try reading his blog. It might be a rewarding reading experience.

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