Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Election India 2009: The Leftists

Leftists who were part of the UPA government for the better part of its tenure are in an unenviable position in Election India in 2009. While they are far far way from the masses because of their anti-people policies, their top leader Prakash Karat is busy cobbling a hotchpotch Third Front.

The leftists are morally bankrupt so much so that they have hardly an electoral issue this year except that cliched, over-trumpeted reforms. People are no longer buying this reform thing. In Kerala, the party is sharply divided over ideological issue. In West Bengal, the leaders are visibly nervous, and are uttering nonsense in public meetings. Buddhadeb Bhattachaya looks like a clown on screen. The so-called Marxists have to pay back the price for their betrayal of the masses.

Interstingly, they now fall back heavily on Jyoti Basu, the once-charismatic leader who is in the throes of death so to speak. How sad and cruel that the leftists are dragging the frail and wobbling nonagenarian on to the dais, and make him appeal to the masses for their mandate in elction 2009 in India!

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