Monday, March 30, 2009

Election India 2009: Varun Gandhi drama

True Election Commission took note of Varun Gandhi's hate speech, and served him notice, but it really didn't take any action. Perhaps if he had not voluntarily surrendered to the Philvit court with his rough supporters, and made it a reality show, he would have got away with a simple warning. Now things have complicated with the UP government framing him with NSA (the new non-bailable act), and Varun is in real trouble.

So who masterminded his grand show of surrender to the court? It must be some top man in the BJP, who foresaw in the drama the potential of raking up Hindutwa which is not selling now. The whole operation has boomeranged. No doubt the party would now cry foul over Varun's framing in a dastardly act and the abuse of power associated with it. But given its falling credibility, it would not have much sympathy from the voters.

Poor Varun Gandhi!

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