Thursday, April 23, 2009

Election India 2009: Phase 2

An average 55 per cent voter turnout in 140 Lok Sabha seats across 12 states and Union Territories. The prevailing heat wave may be a reason for the low turnout.

Barring some Maoist violence reported from Jharkhand and Bihar, it was peaceful compared to the first phase.

But the interesting thing about the election at this point is that politicos, unsure of the electorates' mood, are singing in different tunes now. Lalu Prasad has already pipped the Congress by commenting that the Prime Minster would be decided by all members of UPA after the election. Lalu, Paswan, Pawar - all primeminister- wannabes - show their leanings towards the Left. Even the Congress has publicly pronounced that the Left are not untouchable to them, and if necessary, it would seek help from them to form the government. Left Supremo Praksh Karat, still smarting under the blow dealt during Anti-nuclear deal, states that the Left would under no circumstances join the Congrss.

All these are of course crap. The fact is that these persons would move anywhich direction that would suit their purpose. It is all about power as well as Indian democracy.

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