Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rahul Gandhi: a talented man?

Dr Amartya Sen, our Nobel Laureate, has given an interview to Outlook Magazine, in which he states, among many other things, that Rahul Gandhi is very talented and committed.

Q:What impressed you about Rahul?

A:I think he is very talented. He is a Trinity man, we had a meal together when I was Master of Trinity and we chatted about what he was planning to do. At that time, politics was not part of his plan at all, and he told me that. I believe those were his genuine views and he changed his mind later. It was very clear to me that he was very committed to Indian development. I pointed out to him there were ways for him to dazzle the world with the money he could make. But he wasn’t in the least interested. I would say, since I have known Manmohan at the same age, that there was a very similar commitment in both of them, in terms of being deeply concerned about deprivation in India and wanting to make a change

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