Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arundhati Roy Interview

I don't read many interviews these days, but when it's Arundhati Roy, it's compelling for me. She always thinks and talks in a different way.

How would you categorise your politics?
I find it unnecessary for me to classify what my politics are. It's really time to break out of thinking in so many of the ways in which we have thought. You stop thinking country-wise, then, you stop thinking Left and Right, because now the greatest capitalist nation in the world is Communist China, so all these things get overturned in some way or the other.
I think, now, with what's happening ecologically, we need a different view. But one thing I do want to say is that, for all the things that are wrong here, the real worry is that there are so many things that are right, which are being dismantled and destroyed. For example, we still have people here who know the secrets of how to live lightly on this planet; people who know that when you challenge a consumerist society, it's not as if you have to live with less happiness and less satisfaction; people who know that there is the possibility of ecstasy -- all this is lost in other countries. It's here still, and this is what makes one extreme, you know. You're fighting to protect something, and that is fundamental to what I am-- I think, when you fight to protect something, your anger is huge, because you just see this juggernaut of destruction destroying what ought to be at least the seeds of a future way of thinking, and we still have it.


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