Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bengal's Macabre Politics

So, cadaver is the new game in Bengal politics.

In these hot and violent days before the crucial Assembly election, nothing is more welcome to the ruling CPI(M) and its rival Trinamul Congress Party than a fresh cadaver, preferably of a young man. Each of these parties parade its own cadaver to whip up the emotion of the public in its favour.

It's not exactly a new trend in the state. Bodies of party members have long been a rallying point for the political parties. Only recentlly they get a new dimension.

Just imagine this scenario: a huge procession of people carrying party flags on the city's main road with a body laid down on a van in its midst and well-known party leaders pulling mournful faces to show to the electronic media.

But it's not really a moving sight. You may have pity for the hapless soul, but what engulfs you in the end is a wave of repulsion and disgust. Is it the new face of civilization? Is this the attitude of our leaders about someone killed or dead?

On december 17, West Bengal Chief minister put a wreath on the body of Swapan Koley who was killed in his college campus fight. And it was followed by a well-attended march with the body. Three days later, Trinamul replied in kind by pulling in a corpse - that of 27-year-old Sanatan Hembram - from farway Lalgarh to take around the city.

Poor Swapan Koley! Poor Sanatan Hembram! Their parties literally used and exploited them till the end of their funeral journey.

So much for the tastes, culture and behaviour of the two parties that now dominate Bengal.

Unfortunately for the people, they would have to choose, in the coming election, one of these two parties. There is no third option in our Indian democracy.

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Samudra Saikat Mukherjee said...

I do subscribe to your take on the the present imbroglio thrust upon the people of west bengal.This kind of obnoxious exhibition of corpses by both the political parties should uneqivocally be condemned by the general mass.


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