Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is this genocide? Ha!

Only eight ordinary men killed in a remote place called Netai and you call it genocide!
A genocide is a far bigger deal, man.
Hitler did it ;
Bush, yes,
Stalin, oh!
And our Narendra Modi, the little master.(I salute him)

But I’ve a far greater design in mind:
A big-time genocide that would speak for itself.
That would claim thousands of fucking ordinary persons
That would give the humanity its biggest shock ever.
That would wipe out people's memory for ever

Imagine a huge pool of blood inundating the whole of Bengal
A lady swimming through it, and finally sinking down tired and limp.
I would celebrate it.

Nandigram, Netai are my small pieces
Little experiments I fiddle with.
You might see a few more
Until the real big thing happens.

A huge genocide is what this time demands.
I bet you would appreciate it, love it.

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