Friday, January 28, 2011

Political witch-hunt

These days, I've started reading editorials once again. And believe it or not, some pieces get to be so fine and balanced, even responsible by any standard. Seems like good old days of journalism are back. Here's an example:

With age comes maturity. India is not exactly greenhorn as far as democracy goes. Then why does the Indian State throw irrational tantrums every time someone disagrees with its policies? Take the example of doctor-activist Binayak Sen. While the State has the right to investigate the links that might exist between some of its citizens and the Maoists, the way things are moving for Dr Sen and his family looks more like a witch-hunt than any serious probe. It has almost made Dr Sen a 'trophy' accused - a lesson and a warning for many others who deviate from the 'Stateline".
-- Hindustan Times, January 28, 2011 Pic: Basudev Ghosh

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