Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anna Hazare's revolution

Should I call it a revolution? Sort of. Anna goes on fast for fighting against corruption, and people - from all walks of like - rally around him in Delhi. The other cities start protests automatically. Soon it's a nationwide movement: everyone crying against corruption. It gets to be phenomenal. Manmohan's government dillydallies at first with Hazare's demands for a while, but gets scared when it sees the public outcry going stronger and shriller each day. And before you know it, it surrenders. It concedes to all of its demands with regard to Lokpal Bill. It's really hyper-real.

The most interesting thing about the new bill is that the committee attached to it would now comprise members of civil society on 50-50 basis. And it would not merely be a body with recommendation, but would also have power to punish anybody from Prime Minister to judges to defence personnel for acts of corruption.

Of course, there is a funny side to this committee. Pranab Mukherjee, the Finance minister, is its Chairman, and Shanti Bhusan, its co-chairman. Two diagonally opposite personalities in terms of integrity and whaever. Just think they're debating an issue and presenting their own point of view with Mr Mukherjee endlessly blinking!

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