Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anna wins at last, and makes history.

So, Anna Hazare wins at last. Though there's still some room for doubt - given the Congress leaders' track record - whether the resolution passed by the Parliament under pressure from people all across the country would be translated into a bill in to to, and not without any more flip-flop, the good news is, the govt has bowed down to Anna Hazare. It's a big achievement for Anna as well as for us Indians.

As we see now, Parliament is neither supreme nor sacrosanct. The political parties and elected MPs would make us think so, but in reality, it is their family property on which they live. Much in the fashion of our religious leaders treating the Ganges. The gospel takes a beating now, and we have now reason for cheers.

Manmohan Singh and Co is visibly smarting from this defeat( God bless them), The lesson they should take from this upsurge is that the people power can be lethal at times. And the shape of democracy is not something constant, and it would evolve very fast in the days to come.

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