Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kudos to Mamata Banerjee

Kudos to Mamata Banerjee for her historic stand against the FDI and other reform push policy of UPA-2. She has walked out of the UPA, and her ministers will resign on Friday.

It seems somewhat surprising and unexpected specially in view of her not-so-good track record of ruling West Bengal for over a year.

You could only expect this move from the Left who claimed - do they claim now - themselves as the champion of the poor and the down trodden. But Mamata has done it, and how well-timed it is!

 Of course, it entails great risk for her personal career as well as the future of her party Trinamul Congress, but it is going to get her a great mileage in terms of her image as a people's leader.

Who, among our politicians, are concerned about the plight of the common man? It's not certainly the triumvirate who rules India now.

So, is Mamata the new messiah?

Unlikely. She lacks the mindset and capability of one.

There is probably a cool and intelligent brain, perhaps of another human being, behind her decision.

Yet she deserves our kudos. Doesn't she?


Rahul Shayar said...

More important than Diesel, LPG and FDI, is the number game. If 19 goes out, 22 will come in, 18 is already there. if another 21 come in, 5,3,8,6 and 9 are already there, and so on. These numbers matter the most now. It will be very very interesting to know how many numbers turn up in the political jack-pot, come Saturday.

Mrinal Bose said...

You're right,Rahul. There seems to be no ideology in this crappy economy, and like you've said, number decides it all.

Thanks for reading.


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