Friday, January 10, 2014

Beware of Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi  is now pitching for NaMo as next prime minister, and I'm not surprised.

She is perceived as honest and daring ex-police officer. But if you have really examined her track record, she has always wanted to project herself as one up over her peers. She is simply a hypomanic and egotist.

When Arvind Kejriwal and his followers fell out with Anna, Kiran chose to side with Anna. And we were led to believe that she, like Anna, wears apolitical views on her sleeves as an activist.

But no, she's political, and very much so. Blame it on her frustration on seeing AAP  and Kejriwal team in the centrestage not only in Delhi, but in the whole of India. How could Bedi bear with this? Her oversized ego can't see through and accept the history that is in the making.

I don't give a damn about Bedi, but one thing I'm really concerned about: Ms Bedi may now convince old Anna to pitch for Modi. 

I hope I'm proved wrong.

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