Saturday, July 24, 2004


Imagine the police is trailing a minister - a powerful Central minister at that - to arrest him with a non-bailable warrant!And the minister in question is forever on the run.

A comic, almost absurd scene. But such things are happening in today's India, thanks to history's fixing attitude now-a-days.

Like most Indian politicians, Shibu soren is just another corrupt politician, but coming as he does of a poor and tribal caste background, he's a bit less clever and sophisticated. His behaviour is naturally gross and crass.

About twenty nine years ago he triggered a mass massacre in Chirudhi, and about nine years back, he murdered his private
secretary. He was naturally implicated in both the cases. But the court could not punish him. Soren evaded the court all these years despite an unbailable warrant against him. Of course, he had clout, and in India, it's easy for a politician to get away with anything.

Strangely, the old cases have been activated now - after all those years. No doubt the BJP is behind all this. But it's the beginning of a scheme to destabilise the current Monmohan government.

As I write this, Soren has submitted his resignation. A big triumph for the BJP. Whose turn is it now? Possibly, Advani and Co will now target Laloo Prasad Yadab, another tainted minister in the cabinet.

I wonder why the present government is not activating the case against L.K. Advani who was one of the provocateurs for the Ayodhya riot.

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