Thursday, July 15, 2004


Imagine the Defence Minister of India being strip-searched by American security staff at US airport despite his protests and before his own embassy staff! Yes, that was what exactly happened to George Fernandes back in early 2002 and mid-2003. Thanks to Strobe Talbott's recently published book, we get to know the whole story only now.

Richard Hermitage, the US deputy secretary, who is now on tour to India, apolozises to George for the incident.

The more pathetic part of the story is that neither the minister nor the NDA government then did anything about it, and swallowed the ignominy without any complaint to the Big Brother. Perhaps it was politically correct to shut up but the whole incident was outrageous and crushing to any Indian's self-esteem.

Could we dare enact the same thing on a US minister? And what do you figure out about us and them from the incident?

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