Monday, November 28, 2005


You may lose interest in Gobindapur Rail Colony saga because it's not going the way you thought. But that's how things work in real life.

As the general election is due early next year, the govt does not dare to evict the 30,000-strong population by force. Instead it decides to play humanitarian by giving them land for building their home. It would be kind of lease though, not ownership, and we don't really know if there is any other rider associated with this charity. It's good anyway.

The High Court also seems lenient. It does not mind that the colony folks have not given any written undertaking, as it ordered, within the given time and actually flouted its order. It now asks the colony people to give it in writing that they agree to the govt's rehabilitation proposal.

So the mood is that of a truce. Bad end for a thriller. But then it was a real-life one, and I can't twist it to my imagination.

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