Thursday, November 24, 2005


The thriller gets a twist, a bad twist indeed. Just when you're expecting mayhem and gore, the state government dangles a 10-acre plot of land near Nonadanga in South 24-parganas that it has identified for the rehabilitation of the squatters.

Not finalised yet, but in a day or two, the administration is going to say like "Over there now, folks. Leave immediately."

The squatters would be provided land for free, but they have to build their houses all by themselves.

Not too bad by govt's track record of dealing with such "disposable population". The minister says that he wants it to be bloodless eviction.

Well done and said, but can you call it rehabilitation?

And what would this eviction be like in real-time?

Forget that these people - as many as 30,000 - lived in this colony for five decades, no less, and would now have to move over to, and settle in a quite unknown land, far away from their places of livelihood.

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