Thursday, March 02, 2006


India is known for hospitality to its vistors, but it's not welcoming George W. Bush anyway. There have been umpteen protest meetings, demonstrations, rallies across the country on the eve of, and during this visit. Even Mumbai, the commercial hub of the country, has been choked with massive rallies.

George Bush, go back is the domineering slogan. But there are other invectives as well.

Some samples:

George Bush is world's No 1 terrorist.

Bush is world's most wanted terrorist.

Bush is a mass-murderer, killer.

Bush, the war-criminal.

Bush is the leader of the most organised murder syndicate of the world.

Bush, the leader of imperialist globalisation.

Bush flu, not bird flu, threatens the world now.

Evidently, George Bush is the most hated man in India today.

But to be fair, not every Indian is anti-Bush. Monmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, for example, is a great admirer of Bush. So are Mr. Chidambaram and Indian upper middle class. Even a well-knowm columnist of a respected daily has this to say:

The Bush family is as elitist as they get in America.. President Bush attended Yale and Harvard Business School. Critics will of course make snide remarks that this was on account of his family connections. While that may help to
some extent, to be dismissive of his attendance to top-class academic establishments would arguably be oone more silly under-estimation of the man.

What an eulogy!

The columnist is JAITHIRTH RAO and the daily is THE INDIAN EXPRESS

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