Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Why is no one talking about Anil Biswas?

Biswas has been in deep coma over the past five-six days following a massive cerebral attack, and is on life support now. The medical bulletin being issued by the nursing home where he's being treated describes his condition as "critical but stable". What does the phrase really connote? Does it hide anything?

Biswas was, and is still oficially, the general secretary of the CPI(M)- the party that has been in power in Bengal for as long as twenty nine years at a stretch.

Biswas was the main think-tank of the party, and built up the machination of ensuring victory in election term after term.He is only 62.

But why don't I hear people discuss his condition in public places? In trains, stations, in markets no one talks about him.

Is it apathy, or some studied reaction to an event that they think might bring about a change?

Dies it signal the slide of the Leftist regime in Bengal?

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