Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election India 2009: Congress is India

Prices of daily commodities may have soared, the story of contained inflation may be something ridiculous, the farmers may have died in hordes due to the country's new neo-liberal economic policies, but the people have voted the Congress to power. Reason? I've yet to find out. The one thing I suspect is that the people hate L.K.Advani and his party BJP, who have shredded the secular fabric of the country.
So you have no other choice but to see Manmohon Singh, Sonia's most obedient man, as the king for next five years.

I'm happy Advani's dream of being PM has been dashed for ever. Did you notice that he had inserted "Advani as PM" ads pervasively all across the net? Another upside of the election result is that Sharad Powar, another asshole who aspired to become PM, has also been screwed.

But the debacle of the fake Marxists' party CPM in Bengal has really given me a high. It has got only 15 seats while TMC and ally have bagged 26 seats. It's very likely the so-called Marxists would be totally wiped out in coming Bidhan Sabha election.

I had a very good impression of Prakash Karat. But he's a renegade, and is devoid of any principles. He's going to pay a heavy price for his misdeeds.

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