Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Election India 2009: Last Round of Polling

Woke up in the morning to a soft music being played out somewhere in the vicinity. It was as serene as a Mahalaya morning. I was a voter today.

Our booth was at Promodamoyee school. A govt primary school-now-turning-into a -community-hall on its final morph into an apartment.

My wife stood in the short line of females. My line was way long. Some innocent looking personnel was around. But no CRPF men. No part goons to bully the voters. I found a very sick and handicapped woman entering the booth with a crutch, and an attendant. The polling was peaceful.

What really marred my enthusiasm was a lady in my adjacent line. I saw her after about thirty years, but I spotted her without any mistake. But she did not seem to recognize me. What an ugly woman she had turned into after all these years! I was relieved when she went inside for voting, and exited without so much as casting a glance around.

Finally, I pressed my vote button. This is the first time in my life that I gave my vote for a non-left candidate. I don’t claim I’ve much rationale for this action. The non-left candidate, though educated, soft-spoken and logical compared to his counterpart,is, sure, not going to deliver a plethora of goodies if elected. It's very likely that he would perform as badly as the Left, if not in a worse way. But I can no longer put up with the Buddha-Biman propagated lies. I want an end to it.

Voter turnout in this phase is more that 71%. Little violence. Now, wait for the result.

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