Thursday, May 07, 2009

Election India 2009: Crucial Phase 2

Crucial Phase 2 in Bengal (Phase 4 all India) was bloody too. 3 deaths, widespread violence, arson, bombs, firing, booth capturing, even proxy votes. Anisur Rahaman, a minister of the Bengal Government, was personally involved in bullying the voters, and he was seen - thanks to TV footage - running away in his car when the people chased him and his associates. Interestingly, Maoists kept on a low profile during this phase, and probably watched the polling without any intervention.

Impressive turnout: more than 75 per cent way ahead of the rest of the country, which was only 57%. The opposition should have an edge.

Lakshman Seth, three-time-siitting-MP of Tamluk, looked haggard and dejected in all TV footages. Seems he's read the writing on the wall and is all set to lose in a big way. It would be a big triumph for the strongman takes a beating.

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