Friday, July 17, 2009

Bengal burns

Bengal is burning.
Violence, and more violence, grips the state, thanks to Buddhadeb's inefficient and callous administration.
The state observed a 12-hour bandh today to protest against the ghastly attack of eight legistators by CPM thugs when the legislators went to visit Mangalkote in Burdwan district with relief material for the violence victims.
A TV footage of chased Congress legislators running across fields throgh sleaze and water without any slipper on their foot was enough for Congress supporters to take to the streets and indulge in vandalism. Many govt buses were burnt to ashes, blockades were everywhere, and the admistaion failed to rise up to the occasion.
Thursday's wanton vandalism was followed by Friday's bandh.
The attack on Congress was of course ghastly, and a shame for any democracy.
The left has now been pushed to the wall, and is desperately trying to hid its atrocities in Mangalkote.
But there is no way it can turn around.
Buddhadeb government is sitting on a keg of serial blunders to be blown away any day.

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