Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The July 21 Big Rally

It’s the biggest rally ever, in recent memory. People poured in spontaneously from every corner of the state. I was scanning the morning papers for an estimate of size of the mass. Most papers described it just as "lakhs of people”. Actually, it was kind of inestimable. However, it could be anything between seven to ten lakhs.

The sea of mass was enough to evoke a flutter in the heart of present rulers. The police took a detour to make Buddhadeb reach his home – late by half an hour flat.

Mamata Banerjee has really made it after a long time. I liked her call of restraint to her supporters. I was also impressed by her gesture towards Mahasweta Devi, one of our geart living Bengali authors.

Mamata, it seems, has gone past all her vices and antics to become herself. She gets to be credible day by day. I don’t buy her all her promises, but for now she’s a better choice than any other Bengal politician.

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